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Not wheelchair accessible for the cafe. Store is wheelchair accessible.

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Wittamer is a Brussels institution founded in 1910 by Henri Wittier, and family run in the third generation by his grandchildren Paul and Myriam Wittamer.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 00.10.02
From left to right: an employee, 5 year old Henri-Gustave, his father Henri and mother Marie in front of the bakery pastry shop H. Wittamer (1922)

In Brussels, around the Sablon, the company has 2 stores separating them into selling macarons and chocolates, and the pastry store with a cafe upstairs. This location is the original location where the bakery pastry shop was founded in 1910. Wittamer has now expanded to Japan, where they have 21 boutiques in seven cities including Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto and retail in Takashimaya amongst others. For the wedding of the current king and queen of Belgium, Wittamer created their wedding cake and was subsequently awarded a royal warrant. More recently in 2011, Paul Wittamer in collaboration with jeweler Fabienne Lascar created the worlds most expensive praline at $240.000 that is covered with a 3.63 carat diamond.


– A Brussels institution with a royal warrant –


While most of us have yet to buy a diamond covered praline for $240.000, most of us should try their creations. For me, those are mostly their cakes. The chocolates and macarons are good, but for chocolates, I recommend walking opposite the place Salon in Brussels and go to Pierre Marcolini, and for macarons to its neighbour Ladurée. On that note, Wittamer, in my opinion, has the best cakes that you can find in Belgium, and so far that I have tried worldwide. I have yet to find a cake with them that I do not like, or that I believe does not meet the highest standard of taste or quality. Shortly said: they are excellent, and whenever possible it is where I get my birthday cakes.

On the first floor of the pastry shop is a cafe, and while the interior is relatively underwhelming, the view of the cake platter that they bring you to chose your pastry from, certainly is not.


My personal favourites are Lingot d’Or and Manjari. Lingot d’Or (meaning gold bar) is a fruit salad on a vanilla creme with a raspberry syrup soaked biscuit, covered in caramelised meringue. It is particularly nice in summer if you want a cake that is fresher due to the abundance of fruit in this cake. This cake used to be my favourite, but recently got dethroned by Manjari. Manjari is made out of a bitter chocolate biscuit, Manjari chocolate mousse (Manjari is a 64% chocolate produced by Valrhona from rare cocoa beans from Madagascar) with crisp cocoa, crème brulée with bourbon vanilla. Made from bitter chocolate, this cake is for chocolate lovers, and even those who usually would not enjoy bitter chocolate (like myself) will enjoy this cake. It is neither too bitter or sweet, just a rich, flavourful taste that leaves a lasting impression with every mouthful.

Lingot d’or (individual serving)
From left to right: Manjari, Apricot tart, Lingot d’or


Wittamer birthday cake for the 80th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Paola (in the middle, with to her left His Majesty Albert II and the Wittamer family).

Place du Grand Sablon 6-12-13
1000 Brussels

Tel.: +32 2 512 37 42
Fax.: +32 2 512 52 09


Monday : 9:00-18:00
Tuesday-Saturday : 7:00-19:00
Sunday :7:00-18:30

Find them at: Wittamer

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